Should I Give My Horse CBD? Easing Certain Equine Disorders with Cannabis

Over the years, the world of equine pharmaceuticals has certainly evolved. You’ll find countless medications geared toward horses and the numerous health issues they might suffer from. Some of those medications are organic whereas others are purely synthetic. In most cases, they’re only designed to cover specific problems or symptoms. If more than one health problem comes into play, you may need to give your horse several medications to remedy them all.

Treating Your Horse with Cannabis

Cannabis is among an elite few natural products that are effective for a long list of health problems. Considering its many potential benefits, you may find yourself thinking about offering it to your horse to help ease pain and suffering or certain other issues. If you’re one of the many people wondering should I give my horse CBD, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • The Advantage of Versatility.?If you’ve already researched CBD, you know it can help with several health issues. Whether your horse suffers from digestive problems, joint pain, anxiety, or a combination of these conditions, CBD may offer relief. It’s a possible alternative to giving your horse a variety of synthetic medications to treat each condition individually.
  • Use Caution.?CBD is a specific component of cannabis. It may be beneficial for certain health conditions, but it doesn’t contain the chemicals responsible for producing the well-known highs of marijuana. Picking out a random strain and trying to get your horse to inhale the smoke from it could cause more problems than you bargained for. Only use CBD supplements specifically designed for equines, and be sure you understand the right dosage before administering them.
  • Be Selective.?As alluded to, CBD is only one chemical compound in cannabis. These plants contain numerous other components as well. Many of them are terpenes, and studies show CBD may be more effective when accompanied by those natural components. Though THC isn’t recommended for horses, some of the other compounds in cannabis can be immensely helpful. Without them, you may need to give your horse much larger doses of CBD and still only see minimal results.

All things considered, whether CBD is right for your horse depends on a number of factors. Consult with a veterinarian before attempting to give your horse any type of supplement. That said, CBD may be an effective remedy for many of the health issues horses are known to suffer from.