3 Reasons to Try CBD Oil for Pets

There is evidence that CBD oil, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana or hemp, has health benefits. For years humans have been using it to combat nausea and fatigue and promote overall well-being. Now many veterinarians are recommending CBD oil for pets. CBD Products made for animals are being utilized to help combat anxiety, pain, and assist in cancer treatment. Owners who decide to try CBD products on their animals should research each one carefully, since not all are effective, and some do not contain significant amounts of the cannabinoid.

CBD Has a Calming Effect

Small doses of CBD have been linked to reduced anxiety in animals. Owners report that it calms dogs suffering from separation anxiety, leaving them more relaxed when owners are not home. There is evidence that CBD can help calm animals that exhibit destructive behaviors. Owners should consult a vet before giving animals CBD products since professionals can provide dosage information and outline any cautions.

CBD May Help Epilepsy

Doctors have long known that CBD can reduce human seizures, and now some vets are using it for animals with the same problem. Veterinary professionals have other medicines to help animals with epilepsy, but most have unpleasant side effects, cause liver damage, or do not control symptoms. CBD oil is much safer and also acts as a pain reliever.

CBD Helps Animals That Have Cancer or Loss of Appetite

Animals may lose their appetite when they are not feeling well or as they age, and CBD oil can help. Humans who use marijuana famously get “the munchies,” or a strong desire to eat, and CBD oil for animals provides the same effect but without the high. Some studies also show that CBD may have tumor-fighting properties that can help animals with cancer. It is thought that the cannabinoid promotes cancer cells’ death by preventing them from producing energy.

It is becoming more common for pet owners to use pet products containing CBD oil to help reduce animal anxiety. CBD oil has also been shown to help reduce pet seizures and can reduce pain. It promotes appetite and may have properties that help fight animal cancers.